Stake your MATILDA to earn up to 100% APY!

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Due to the problems related to the use of wallet connect, it will be possible to stake your matildas only through the metamask app or Antex Wallet, therefore you will have to import your current wallet on one of the two.
You will find a video on how to import a wallet to metamask at the bottom of the page.


Never been easier! Connect your wallet, insert number of tokens you want to stake, then press APPROVE and finally press STAKE :)


  • Stake 1%
  • Unstake 0.5%
  • Claim reward 0.5%

Stake FAQ

Q: I click on "Connect" but nothing happens.
A: Make sure you are logged into metamask and that the selected network is BSC

Q: The fees required for one of the shares are too high (for example more than 0.3bnb)
A: Check that the amount of tokens you are moving is not excessively small (at least more than 10k tokens) and that you have some MatildaVIP left in the wallet

Q: The "Stake" button does not appear after clicking on "Approve"
A: Make sure you have the latest browser version installed, alternatively try another browser.

Q: Metamask shows "transaction decoding is not available for chainid 56" error
A: It is an internal metamask warning about a function that is not yet supported, but it does not affect the success of the transaction.